MEGA Liberal Company Gives In, It’s TIME To Stand And Applaud

Walt Disney World has announced that it will not challenge Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ takeover of the Reedy Creek district, and will work within the new framework.

DeSantis has been at odds with the company for some time and has taken control of the Reedy Creek board, renaming it the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

A new bill has been proposed that would give the governor full control over the district, including the ability to appoint the board of supervisors. This move would ensure that the district is state-controlled, with board members elected by the governor and given term limits.

The Reedy Creek district was previously run by a five-member board elected by residents, with Disney essentially governing the district as its own government.

However, with the proposed new rules, nobody with any affiliation to Disney would be allowed to serve on the board. This would effectively remove Disney’s ability to govern itself and would make the district accountable to the state.

If the proposed legislation is passed, it would also make Disney responsible for $700 million in debt to prevent it from falling to the state’s taxpayers. In May, Governor DeSantis made it clear that Florida’s taxpayers will not be responsible for Disney’s debt when the RCID dissolves in 2023, suggesting that measures would be put in place to prevent this.

Democrats in the state have criticized DeSantis for his actions, arguing that dissolving the RCID would force county taxpayers to foot the bill for over $1 billion in bond debt.

Despite the proposed changes, Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle has stated that the company remains committed to providing the best possible experience for its millions of guests each year. While Disney operates under different models and jurisdictions worldwide, it will continue to innovate, inspire, and bring joy to visitors to Florida.

The move by Governor DeSantis to take control of the Reedy Creek district and rename it the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District has been seen as a victory for Republican voters who have long been critical of Disney’s ability to govern itself.

The proposed legislation, which would give the state control over the district, is expected to receive support from Republicans, who see it as a way to increase accountability and transparency in government. However, it remains to be seen whether the legislation will pass, and what impact it will have on Disney’s operations in Florida.