Migrants Gone Wild! Take A GUESS Which State Is Paying A Fortune Now

As the southern border crisis persists, the responsibility of caring for newly arrived border crossers has been shifted to American cities like New York. Since last year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and other governors have bused nearly 50,000 migrants to New York City, which has long been known as a sanctuary jurisdiction for illegal aliens.

The financial cost to New York taxpayers is staggering, with close to $5 million being spent daily to provide housing and food for approximately 30,000 migrants. Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol has warned that this is unsustainable, and the costs of illegal immigration will eventually come to a head.

Mayor Eric Adams’ decision to place migrants in luxury hotels has further increased the cost to taxpayers, with already $650 million being spent on newly arrived border crossers, and the total figure expected to exceed $4 billion by next year.

While Adams has not called for an end to President Biden’s Catch and Release network, which has released almost two million border crossers and illegal aliens into the United States interior since February 2021, he has urged Biden to fairly distribute border crossers and illegal aliens equally across all American cities and towns.

As the financial burden of illegal immigration continues to grow, it is vital for American leaders to take action and ensure that local taxpayers are not left to bear the cost of housing and feeding illegal aliens.