Oops! A Forgotten Grandchild in the Presidential Family

In a stunning display of hypocrisy, President Joe Biden and his Democratic allies have chosen to turn a blind eye to his seventh grandchild, leaving a young girl’s future hanging in the balance. While Biden parades himself as a devoted family man, he conveniently omits the existence of his son Hunter’s four-year-old daughter with former stripper Lunden Roberts.

When Fox News Digital approached Democratic representatives on Capitol Hill to address this issue, their silence spoke volumes. Democrat Reps. Rick Larsen, Andre Carson, and Dan Kildee shamefully evaded the question, refusing to stand up for the truth.

But their silence won’t go unnoticed. Americans deserve answers. We demand to know why Joe Biden continues to deny his own flesh and blood, leaving an innocent child in the shadows. Is it because acknowledging her would expose the dark secrets that surround the Biden family?

When asked about the issue, Rep. Eric Swalwell, a Democrat from California, dismissively remarked, “”I’ll leave your personal family matters to you, and leave the president’s family matters to him.”” This condescending response is an insult to the American people who deserve transparency from their leaders.

Even Rep. Jared Moskowitz from Florida chose to sidestep the question, offering nothing more than a smile and an exasperated “”Aye-yai-yai”” as he walked away. Is this the level of accountability we can expect from the Democratic Party?

In contrast, Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee boldly called for the acknowledgment of Biden’s grandchild, emphasizing the importance of recognizing every life. Burchett declared, “”It’s not the kid’s fault that his mom is a stripper and that his daddy is a drug addict. It’s unfortunate, but they should acknowledge that kid. A life is so precious.””

A recent child support case reached a settlement, revealing that Hunter Biden will make monthly payments to support his daughter. However, he refused to grant her his last name, denying her the sense of identity and belonging that every child deserves.

Psychologists warn of the grave psychological harm caused by familial rejection. Clinical psychologist Dr. Staci Weiner shared her concerns, explaining that the child may experience shame, insecurity, and a damaged sense of self-worth due to being ignored by their own family. These emotional scars can hinder their ability to form healthy relationships and trust others.

It is a sad day for America when our president, who claims to champion family values, refuses to acknowledge his own grandchild. This deliberate act of neglect sends a chilling message about the true character of Joe Biden and his Democratic allies. We must hold them accountable and demand better. No child should be left in the shadows, especially not the forgotten grandchild of the leader of the free world.

Source Fox News