Oops! Did Psaki go too far with her social media remarks?

“In a shocking revelation, a federal judge has uncovered the disturbing truth about the Biden administration’s role in pushing social media giants like Facebook to censor COVID-19 misinformation. This bombshell revelation exposes the left’s relentless assault on free speech and reveals the dark underbelly of their censorship scheme.

Former White House press secretary turned MSNBC host, Jen Psaki, finds herself at the center of this controversy. The judge’s injunction clearly states that Psaki publicly pressured Facebook and other platforms to ramp up their censorship efforts.

During a White House press conference, Psaki even issued a veiled threat, warning of “”legal consequences”” if these companies failed to comply with the administration’s demands.

The lawsuit against Biden and his cronies filed by attorneys general from Louisiana and Missouri alleges that the White House coerced tech companies into suppressing free speech during the pandemic. And the evidence is mounting.

Psaki’s statements, both in May 2021 and February 2022, leave no doubt about the administration’s intentions to suppress dissenting voices and manipulate the flow of information.

This injunction is a significant victory for defenders of the First Amendment. Judge Terry A. Doughty recognizes that these actions likely violate the Free Speech Clause and condemns the government’s blatant disregard for our constitutional rights. If the allegations are true, this case could represent one of the most egregious attacks on free speech in American history.

It is also deeply concerning that the government’s engagement with social media platforms appears to be one-sided. Psaki’s admission that the White House was “”flagging problematic posts”” for Facebook raises serious questions about the fairness and impartiality of their actions.

The fact that every example or category of suppressed speech mentioned in the injunction is conservative in nature only adds fuel to the fire.

This court-ordered injunction is a crucial step in holding the Biden administration accountable for their assault on free speech. The public has a right to know whether their First Amendment rights have been suppressed. The deposition of Jen Psaki, requested by the court, will shed further light on the extent of the government’s involvement in censoring speech.

As Republicans, we must remain vigilant and continue to fight for the preservation of our cherished rights and liberties. The left’s censorship scheme must be exposed and dismantled, and this injunction is a promising start. The battle for free speech is far from over, but with the truth on our side, we will prevail.

Stay tuned for more updates on this crucial story as it unfolds.

Source Fox News