Oops! Former FBI agent receives unexpected instructions.

In a stunning revelation, the FBI has instructed a former supervisory agent involved in the investigation of Hunter Biden to refrain from answering certain questions from the House Oversight Committee. This shocking development adds another layer to the ongoing saga surrounding President Biden’s son.

According to a redacted letter obtained by the New York Post, FBI general counsel Jason Jones advised the former agent to decline questions seeking non-public information, potentially covered by executive privilege or other confidentiality interests. Jones directed the agent to redirect such inquiries to the FBI’s Office of Congressional Affairs.

The letter alluded to specific events in December 2020, which the committee was keen to investigate as part of the ongoing case involving Hunter Biden. It is important to note that Hunter Biden recently pleaded guilty to federal charges related to his tax affairs following a year-long investigation triggered by suspicious activity reports regarding funds from China and other foreign nations.

This latest development comes on the heels of a former FBI agent corroborating key details from a whistleblower’s testimony regarding Hunter Biden. Republicans on the House Oversight Committee wasted no time in pointing out the alleged political interference by the Biden administration in the investigation.

Chairman of the Committee, Representative James Comer, expressed his concern over the Department of Justice’s attempts to cover up for the Bidens. He argued that this showed a clear two-tiered system of justice and pledged to seek answers, transparency, and accountability on behalf of the American people.

FBI Director Christopher Wray recently denied allegations that the bureau was protecting the Biden family or that the investigation was influenced by politics. However, the FBI’s move to restrict the former agent’s testimony raises questions about the bureau’s impartiality.

As this story continues to unfold, it becomes increasingly important for the American people to demand transparency and accountability from their elected officials. The House Oversight Committee must push forward and get to the truth about Hunter Biden’s activities and any potential political interference.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story. The American people deserve to know the truth and make informed decisions based on all the facts.

Source Fox News