Oops! Hunter Biden’s Legal Troubles Are On The Rise, That Will Leave You Speechless

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, finds himself embroiled in yet another controversy. This time, the allegations revolve around dodging court orders and evading responsibilities in a child support case filed by his ex-stripper mistress, Lunden Roberts.

In a recent motion filed by Roberts’s lawyer, the court is being urged to take action against Hunter Biden for his failure to comply with court orders. At the heart of the matter is Biden’s refusal to disclose his income and assets, a crucial requirement in the child support case.

Roberts contends that Biden has been deliberately evading his financial obligations, and she is seeking a reduction in the substantial monthly child support payment of $20,000.

Not only is Biden accused of dodging court orders, but he is also employing evasive tactics that have resulted in frustration and wasted resources for Roberts and her legal team.

The need for constant court intervention and the fruitless pursuit of discovery have compounded the already contentious legal battle. Seeking redress for her client, Roberts’s lawyer is requesting $20,000 to cover the attorney’s fees and costs incurred due to these delays and obstacles.

In addition to the child support case, Roberts has also requested a name change for their daughter to Biden. By adopting the prestigious family name, Roberts hopes that her daughter can benefit from the advantages it may bring.

This is not the first time Hunter Biden’s actions have come under scrutiny. Recently, the FBI refused to provide a subpoenaed document related to an alleged criminal scheme involving Biden. These mounting allegations raise serious questions about Biden’s behavior and associations.

According to Roberts’s lawyer, Biden’s tactics bear a striking resemblance to previous instances. Dodging financial responsibilities and employing evasive maneuvers are described as characteristic “Biden litigation tactics.”

Despite claiming financial destitution, Biden leads a comfortable life in Malibu, with the Pacific Ocean as his backdrop and the protection of Secret Service agents.

To preserve the rule of law, it is imperative that the court takes decisive action and ensures Hunter Biden fulfills his obligations. The allegations against him should be thoroughly investigated, given his close ties to the President of the United States. Transparency, accountability, and justice must prevail, irrespective of one’s position or privilege.

As the story surrounding Hunter Biden’s legal battles continues to unfold, the American people deserve answers and transparency. The scrutiny of his actions raises pertinent questions about the privileged position of those in power and the need for accountability. It remains to be seen how this saga will progress, but the pursuit of truth and justice must remain steadfast.

Source Fox News