Oops! President Biden’s heated exchange with a reporter

In a stunning display of media bias, major news outlets have chosen to turn a blind eye to President Biden’s recent outburst at a reporter, once again exposing their double standard when it comes to holding politicians accountable.

Last week, Biden unleashed his frustration on New York Post reporter Steven Nelson, dismissing his question about allegations of his involvement in a questionable business deal with a Ukrainian executive.

But while this exchange should have been newsworthy, both CNN and MSNBC conveniently ignored it, according to a thorough search of their transcripts. The New York Times, Washington Post, and other legacy media outlets also skipped over the story, as if it never happened.

This stands in stark contrast to the treatment former President Trump received during his time in office. Every time Trump had a spat with the media, it was front-page news, with outlets like The New York Times, Axios, CNN, and NBC decrying his “vicious attacks” on journalists. They portrayed Trump as a danger to press freedom and even linked his rhetoric to violence against reporters during the 2020 riots.

But now, with Biden in the White House, the mainstream media’s outrage seems to have evaporated. They have conveniently forgotten their previous claims that attacks on the press are “reprehensible” and “sinister.” It appears that their concern for the well-being of journalists was nothing more than a political tool to be used against their ideological opponents.

The media’s bias is further exposed when we consider their coverage of Trump’s presidency. Michael Grynbaum of The New York Times declared 2019 as “the darkest yet for journalists in the Trump era,” blaming the former president’s constant labeling of the media as “fake news” for inspiring autocrats and dictators worldwide.

CNN’s Jim Acosta even went as far as comparing his clashes with Trump to physical abuse, claiming he still had “marks on my back” from covering the White House. Such hyperbolic rhetoric only serves to undermine the real dangers faced by journalists in countries where freedom of the press is genuinely under attack.

Meanwhile, Biden’s habit of snapping at reporters and refusing to answer tough questions goes largely unnoticed by the same media outlets that once decried Trump’s treatment of journalists. Whether it’s telling a reporter to “shush up” or demanding they “give me a break,” Biden’s behavior receives little more than a ripple of coverage.

It is clear that the mainstream media’s agenda is not about holding leaders accountable or promoting journalistic integrity. Instead, they are more concerned with advancing their own political narratives and protecting those who align with their ideology.

As passionate Republican voters, we must remain vigilant and seek out alternative sources of news that will provide us with a fair and balanced perspective. Only then can we truly stay informed and hold our leaders accountable for their actions.

Stay tuned for more articles that expose the mainstream media’s bias and shed light on the truth that they try so hard to hide.

Source Fox News