President’s STRANGE Behavior Raises Eyebrows After Bank Collapses

President Joe Biden came under fire on Monday for leaving a press conference without fielding questions from reporters after addressing the recent collapse of two major U.S. banks.

The dramatic failures of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in California on Friday and Signature Bank in New York on Sunday have left citizens deeply worried, but the president opted to depart after only five minutes at the podium.

As reporters clamored for information about the banks’ collapse and possible risks to other banks, Biden made his exit, increasing the public’s anxiety.

The president’s reluctance to answer questions following the “second-largest bank collapse” in history has led to a wave of discontent on social media, with Twitter users expressing frustration and disappointment.

Numerous critics voiced their dissatisfaction with President Biden’s dismissive demeanor. Collin Rugg, co-owner of Trending Politics, warned of the potential consequences of widespread bank failures and questioned the president’s response.

Senator Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., also shared her disbelief at Biden’s unwillingness to address crucial questions related to the bank collapses.

Some commentators were less surprised by the president’s evasive tactics. Podcast host Monica Crowley referred to Biden’s brief, uninformative speech as a prime example of his usual approach, while Stephen Miller, contributing editor for The Spectator, pointed out the president’s part-time work ethic and tendency to avoid difficult situations.

Before leaving the stage, President Biden attempted to contextualize the bank collapse by highlighting the broader economic progress made during his administration, including job creation, low unemployment rates, and a surge in new business applications.

However, these reassurances did little to assuage the American public’s concerns about the immediate impact of the bank collapses and their potential repercussions on the financial system.

As the president continues to sidestep challenging questions and avoid providing clear answers, it becomes increasingly evident that the American people need a leader who will confront crises head-on and communicate transparently. With each evasive move, the president’s credibility is further undermined, and the trust of the people he was elected to serve continues to wane.