RECENT Discovery In AOC Investigation That YOU Won’t Believe

The recent allegations against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) have left many Republican voters outraged. According to the House Office of Congressional Ethics, there is “substantial reason to believe” that AOC may have violated federal law when she attended the Met Gala in 2021.

The Ethics Committee is investigating the matter, and if AOC is found to have accepted “impermissible gifts,” she could be in violation of House rules, standards of conduct, and federal law.

AOC’s attendance at the Met Gala in 2021 made headlines when she wore a dress with the words “Tax the Rich” on the back. Now it appears that her actions may have been illegal.

AOC rented the dress and other accessories for the occasion but apparently did not pay for them until after the review was initiated against her. If she did indeed accept impermissible gifts, it would be a serious violation of the law.

Despite these allegations, AOC has denied any wrongdoing, and her spokeswoman says they are confident she did not violate House rules. However, the evidence appears to suggest otherwise.

The Office of Congressional Ethics found that there were delays in paying vendors for costs associated with AOC’s attendance at the Met Gala, which she finds unacceptable.

The Congresswoman has taken steps to ensure that this does not happen again, but it does not change the fact that she may have broken the law.

Republicans are calling for AOC to be held accountable for her actions, and they have every right to do so. If a Republican had attended the Met Gala and worn a dress that said “Tax the Rich,” the mainstream media would be up in arms. It is time for Democrats to be held to the same standard as Republicans.