SHOCKER: White House Makes Another Allegation That Very Few Americans Woud Agree With

The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, recently accused congressional Republicans of trying to defund the police. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Jean-Pierre pointed out that while President Biden is taking efforts to fight crime and keep people safe, his opponents are actively working against him.

Jean-Pierre highlighted the COPS program, which is aimed at funding community-oriented policing services. She accused Republicans of trying to defund the program, which would lead to defunding the police. Jean-Pierre also noted that Republicans have called for defunding the FBI and cutting funding for border security.

This is not the first time the White House has accused Republicans of trying to defund the police or FBI. In October, the White House said that passing legislation to ban assault weapons is key to tackling the rise in violent crime, a problem that the Biden administration claims it inherited from the Trump administration.

The rise in crime is largely centered in cities controlled by Democratic mayors and city councils, following the 2020 riots and defunding movement. The administration says every Republican in Congress voted against critical funding that would have stopped police layoffs across the country.

While progressive Democrats like Rep. Cori Bush and “The Squad” continue to push the “defund the police” message, Biden has repeatedly said he does not believe the police should be defunded. In fact, he has signed bipartisan legislation in support of law enforcement.

The upcoming budget will reflect the administration’s commitment to fighting crime. However, Jean-Pierre warned that Republicans are working against the president’s efforts to keep people safe.