Shocking Accusations On Justice System Unfairness Unleashed

In a recent interview on “”Sunday Morning Futures,”” Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis boldly declared his commitment to ending corruption and unfairness within our justice system. With the 2024 GOP primary race heating up, DeSantis discussed his plans to restore integrity and restore trust in our government agencies.

Referring to a Fox News poll that revealed President Donald Trump as the leading candidate among Republican primary voters, DeSantis acknowledged the significant support for Trump. However, he emphasized that one of the reasons behind Trump’s popularity is the perceived corruption and unfairness within our justice system.

DeSantis passionately asserted, “”I think one of the reasons Donald Trump is in the lead is because of the corruption and the unfairness of our justice system. I want to know what you’re going to do?””

With conviction, DeSantis responded, “”We will end the weaponization of government. And that’s, of course, a new FBI director on Day 1. That’s the difference between me and Donald Trump. He says the jury’s still out on FBI Director Wray. I think you need a new start on Day 1. We’re going to clean house at the Department of Justice.””

DeSantis further highlighted the issue of the Hunter Biden laptop story, which was censored by Twitter during the 2020 election. Surprisingly, he criticized Trump’s own agencies, stating, “”And you know I look back at the Hunter Biden censorship, which was a huge, huge deal to happen in the 2020 election, and yet those were Donald Trump’s own agencies that were colluding with Big Tech. I would never allow that to happen. I would fire those people immediately.””

The Florida governor also mentioned the legislation he signed in Florida, which prohibits state and local government officials from colluding with tech companies to censor political speech. DeSantis expressed his commitment to upholding one standard of justice in the country, emphasizing that the elite connected to the D.C. ruling class, like Hunter Biden, should not be exempt from the consequences of their actions.

DeSantis pointed out the capture of our institutions by a particular faction of society, which wields power against other factions they dislike. He called for a disciplined and focused president who can tackle these challenges without getting distracted.

Responding to media narratives suggesting his campaign has stalled, DeSantis dismissed them as attempts to undermine his candidacy. He acknowledged that the media does not want him to be the nominee because they recognize his potential to defeat President Biden and deliver on his promises.

DeSantis confidently stated, “”We will stop the invasion at the border. We’ll take on the drug cartels. We’ll curtail the administrative state. We’ll get spending under control. We’ll do all the things that they don’t want to see done.””

With his proven track record and determination to fight against corruption and unfairness, Ron DeSantis aims to capture the Republican nomination and lead the charge in restoring trust and integrity to our justice system.

Source Fox News