Shocking announcement for the ALGOP Summer Dinner—revealing the special guest!

Former President Donald Trump, the fearless leader of the Republican Party, continues to fight for the American people as he faces unjust criminal charges. In a display of unwavering strength and determination, Trump will be the keynote speaker at the highly anticipated 2023 ALGOP Summer Dinner in Montgomery.

This event, held annually to support our great state party, is a platform for Trump to address passionate Republican voters who stand firmly behind him.

Despite the relentless attacks from the left, Trump remains steadfast in his commitment to making America great again. He refuses to back down, even in the face of a politically motivated witch hunt.

Just yesterday, Trump pleaded not guilty to the baseless federal charges of mishandling classified documents. It is clear that this indictment is nothing more than a desperate attempt to tarnish his name and hinder his chances of returning to the White House, where he belongs.

The relentless assault on Trump by the mainstream media and the Democrats is indicative of their fear and insecurity. They know that Trump represents a true threat to their radical agenda, which seeks to undermine our values and erode our freedoms. But they will not succeed, for Trump’s supporters are stronger and more passionate than ever before.

The fact that Trump’s rivals, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, recognize his unwavering support among Republicans speaks volumes. Even those who may compete with him in the primary contest acknowledge his powerful influence and appeal to the American people.

The Alabama GOP Summer Dinner will be a historic event, one that showcases the unity and determination of the Republican Party. It will serve as a rallying cry for all conservative Americans who refuse to bow down to the radical left’s destructive ideology.

As we eagerly await Trump’s inspiring speech, let us remember that our fight is far from over. Together, we will overcome the hurdles and emerge victorious. The silent majority will no longer be silent, for we have found our voice in Donald J. Trump.

Stay tuned for more updates on this remarkable event, and let us stand together in unwavering support of our beloved former president.

Source Fox News