Shocking Details Of A Recent Presidential Overstep Revealed

In a blatant display of disregard for the Constitution, President Joe Biden is attempting to bypass both the Supreme Court and Congress to push forward his radical agenda. This latest power grab comes in the form of his reported plan to find a “work-around” after the Supreme Court blocked his student loan forgiveness scheme.

Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen wasted no time in exposing this unconstitutional move and warning of the threat it poses to our democracy.

Thiessen, a staunch defender of conservative values, took to the airwaves on “America’s Newsroom” to sound the alarm. He emphatically stated that Biden does not have the authority to spend half a trillion dollars of taxpayer money through executive fiat.

The power of the purse belongs to Congress, as clearly stated in the Constitution. By attempting to circumvent the checks and balances of our government, Biden is undermining the very foundation of our democracy.

But the audacity of Biden’s actions does not end there. It is worth noting that Democrats held complete control of the government when he announced this plan. They controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House. If Biden truly believed in the legitimacy of his proposal, he could have taken it to the Democrat-controlled Congress and sought their approval.

However, he chose not to do so because he lacked enough Democratic votes to pass it. Instead, he arrogantly attempted to wield his pen as a weapon, bypassing the democratic process and trampling on the principles that our nation was built upon.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is a victory for the Constitution and the American people. It serves as a reminder that our system of checks and balances is alive and well, preventing any single branch of government from amassing too much power. Biden’s disdain for this vital aspect of our democracy is deeply concerning.

We must remain vigilant in the face of these overreaches. The left accuses Republicans and the Supreme Court of undermining democracy, but the true threat lies in the President’s ability to unilaterally spend half a trillion dollars without consulting the people’s elected representatives. We must protect the Constitution and demand that our leaders adhere to its principles. Our democracy depends on it.

Source Fox News