Shocking Developments Unfold at House Oversight Committee’s Hearing

In a shocking revelation during a House Oversight Committee hearing, Democratic U.S. Rep. Dan Goldman unintentionally disclosed that President Biden had discussed his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals with him. The hearing featured two courageous IRS whistleblowers shedding light on alleged political influence surrounding the federal probe into Hunter’s activities.

Goldman, known for his staunch support of the Democratic Party, pressed IRS supervisor Gary Shapley on whether there was any connection between President Biden and his son’s business dealings. He cited an account from Rob Walker, a Biden family business associate, who claimed that Hunter had informed his father about potential business ventures with the Chinese oil and natural gas company CEFC.

Goldman’s line of questioning suggested that if Hunter had informed his father about his intentions, it indicated that President Biden was not directly involved in Hunter’s dealings with CEFC. However, Shapley clarified that Hunter had indeed informed his father, which contradicted Goldman’s attempt to absolve President Biden of any involvement.

The exchange revealed a significant inconsistency in Goldman’s argument. On one hand, he asserted that there was no “”direct evidence”” connecting President Biden to Hunter’s business deals. On the other hand, he acknowledged that Hunter had indeed pursued business opportunities, which inevitably raises questions about the extent of President Biden’s knowledge and involvement.

During the hearing, the second whistleblower, special agent Joseph Ziegler, disclosed that Hunter Biden had received over $17 million from foreign business deals in China, Ukraine, and Romania while his father was serving as vice president. This included substantial payments from Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, amounting to $7.3 million.

The revelations presented by the whistleblowers cast doubt on the narrative that President Biden was unaware of his son’s lucrative foreign business ventures. The information provided raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest and whether the Biden family used their political connections to secure lucrative deals.

These revelations are significant and warrant further investigation. It is crucial to hold our elected officials accountable and ensure transparency in their actions. The American people deserve to know the truth about the extent of President Biden’s involvement in his son’s foreign business deals.

As this story continues to unfold, it becomes increasingly evident that the Biden family’s financial activities deserve scrutiny. The American public deserves leaders who prioritize the interests of the country above personal gain. The revelations from this hearing shed light on a troubling aspect of the Biden family’s history, raising questions about their integrity and commitment to public service.

Source Fox News