Shocking: Guess Which Constitutional Right Was Almost Violated

“A federal judge’s groundbreaking ruling on Independence Day has sent shockwaves through the Biden administration, exposing their likely violation of the First Amendment during the COVID-19 pandemic. U.S. District Court Judge Terry A. Doughty has issued an injunction that prevents White House officials and federal agencies from colluding with tech companies to suppress free speech.

The decision came in response to lawsuits filed by Louisiana and Missouri attorneys general, accusing the White House of coercing and pressuring tech giants to curtail free speech under the guise of pandemic control. This is a stunning rebuke, a resounding victory for conservatives who have long been subjected to biased censorship.

Former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, hailed the ruling, calling it an appropriate response to the Biden administration’s actions. The injunction specifically highlights that the government’s tactics “”likely violate the Free Speech Clause,”” dealing a significant blow to the White House’s attempts to silence dissenting voices.

The implications of this ruling are profound. Federal officials, including Biden’s Cabinet members and the White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, are now prohibited from meddling with social media companies in their efforts to suppress speech. The court’s decision sends a clear message that the government’s attempt to regulate and censor America’s speech on critical issues like COVID-19, vaccine policies, mask mandates, and election questions is a direct violation of the First Amendment.

Judge Doughty’s opinion, spanning an impressive 120 pages, systematically dissects the government’s overreach and infringement on our constitutional rights. The judge aptly likens the United States Government’s role during the pandemic to an Orwellian “”Ministry of Truth,”” exercising control over information and stifling dissent.

The injunction emphasizes that if the allegations made by the plaintiffs are true, this case could represent the most massive attack against free speech in the history of the United States. It accuses the federal government, particularly the defendants named in the case, of blatantly disregarding the First Amendment’s protection of free speech in their zeal to suppress alleged disinformation.

While the censorship alleged in this case predominantly targeted conservative speech, the issues it raises extend beyond party lines. Viewpoint discrimination, as Judge Doughty highlights, is an egregious form of content discrimination that the government must abstain from engaging in.

This groundbreaking ruling has far-reaching implications for the future of tech company interactions with government officials. While exceptions may exist for national security threats or criminal matters, the court’s decision is a resounding victory for those who value free speech and oppose government overreach.

The Biden administration must not be allowed to trample on our First Amendment rights. This ruling is a crucial step in protecting the freedoms we hold dear, and it is heartening to see judges pushing back against this assault on free speech. We must remain vigilant and steadfast in defending our constitutional rights, ensuring that every American’s voice is heard.”

Source Fox News