Shocking new details emerge about the Democrats and their ties to Saudi Arabia!

The media is at it again, turning a blind eye to the corruption of the Democratic Party and instead attacking a former Trump administration official, Jared Kushner.

The Washington Post’s recent report accuses Kushner and his father-in-law of benefiting from their relationship with Saudi Arabia, but failed to provide any evidence of illegal activity.

Meanwhile, the media is protecting Hunter Biden, who is allegedly involved in illegal activity ranging from tax fraud to possibly sex crimes.

But wait, there’s more. The media’s obsession with Kushner is just a distraction from the real issue at hand: the Democratic Party’s criminal activity. Presidents and former administration officials often make money through their relationships while in office, so there’s nothing illegal or unusual about Kushner’s dealings.

It’s time for Republican voters to remain vigilant and not be swayed by the mainstream media’s attempts to distract them from the truth. The media’s biased reporting has once again shown that they’re willing to ignore the crimes of the Democratic Party and focus on a legal and ordinary business dealing of a former Trump administration official. Don’t fall for their lies.