Shocking Revelation from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Fox News

Welcome, passionate Republican voters! It’s time to delve into the latest exclusive Fox News Town Hall, where Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pulled no punches when discussing President Biden’s “bad decisions” coming out of the White House. Host Sean Hannity left no stone unturned, questioning whether Biden is physically, mentally, and cognitively fit to lead our great nation.

Kennedy, known for his articulate and candid views, acknowledged that Biden has never been great with words, drawing laughter from the audience. But he didn’t stop there; he fearlessly addressed the Democratic Party’s “reluctance” to call out Biden’s gaffes, emphasizing that his criticism is not for partisan reasons but out of genuine concern.

The big question remains: Is Biden up to the job? Kennedy didn’t shy away from expressing doubt about whether Biden is making his own decisions. Regardless of that, he was unequivocal in denouncing the policies emanating from the White House as “bad decisions.”

Moreover, Kennedy raised eyebrows by asserting that he was “the first person censored by the Biden White House.” He pointed to a ruling by federal judge Terry Doughty, which suggested the FBI under Biden’s watch had suppressed conservative speech, infringing upon the First Amendment right to free speech. He went on to imply that selective targeting of political enemies might be at play within the current administration.

With all this in mind, Kennedy’s words serve as a wake-up call for every concerned American. We must keep a keen eye on the decisions coming from the White House and question whether they truly serve the interests of the American people.

Source Fox News