Shocking Take on Biden Investigation – Not What You’d Expect!

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr, a stalwart supporter of law and order, recently shared his thoughts on the Department of Justice’s handling of the Hunter Biden investigation. In an interview on CBS’ “”Face The Nation,”” Barr expressed concern about potential impropriety without necessarily declaring criminality.

The former AG minced no words when he stated, “”Things can be shameful without being illegal, and yes, I think it’s grotesque the cashing in on the office like that, apparently.”” He emphasized that the matter should be thoroughly investigated to determine whether any criminal wrongdoing had occurred. Barr’s commitment to the truth and justice shines through as he called for a fair and thorough examination.

Of particular interest were the remarks made by two IRS whistleblower agents, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who testified before Congress about alleged interference in the investigation into Hunter Biden. Barr alluded to the concerns raised by these whistleblowers, questioning the decision to defer certain investigative steps before the election. He emphasized that after the election, there should be no reason to hold back on investigating potential wrongdoings.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who took office in March 2021, later appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith to handle the Trump probe. Barr, who left his position in December 2020, had no conflict of interest in investigating Hunter Biden. He clarified that if any conflict were to arise, it would have been Garland’s responsibility to decide whether to appoint a special counsel.

Barr defended his own actions, stating that he refrained from prejudging the situation to allow Garland to make an unbiased decision. He believed that preemption could have led to the cancellation of the investigation. Instead, he trusted Garland to determine whether a thorough and fair investigation was taking place.

Despite supporting the idea that a special counsel should have been named at some point, Barr stopped short of clarifying whether he believed it was still possible for Garland to do so. Time may be a factor, but Barr expressed a willingness to hear from Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss about the progress of the investigation.

As we await further developments, Barr’s call for a rigorous inquiry into Hunter Biden’s actions aligns with the values of justice, integrity, and accountability that have long defined the Republican Party. Let us hope that the truth prevails and that the Department of Justice fulfills its duty in a fair and transparent manner.

Source Fox News