SHOCKING Turn in Hunter Biden Case: What His Legal Team Just Revealed!

In a surprising twist to the ongoing Hunter Biden saga, his legal team has come forward with a bold statement that a trial is “”not inevitable.”” Attorney Abbe Lowell, representing Hunter Biden, made this revelation during a recent appearance on CBS’ “”Face the Nation.”” While many have been anticipating a high-profile trial, Lowell’s comments suggest that there might still be room for negotiation.

The U.S. attorney handling the case had previously indicated that a trial was “”in order”” due to stalled plea negotiations. However, Lowell was quick to downplay this, explaining that the statement was made because, without a resolution and a not guilty plea from Hunter, the natural progression would be towards a trial. But Lowell emphasized, “”It’s not inevitable.””

This development comes after the Justice Department hinted at an imminent trial in a recent filing. With the legal team required to respond soon, Lowell’s statements might be giving us the first glimpse into their strategy. As the nation watches closely, only time will tell how this legal drama unfolds.

Source Fox News