Shocking Turn Of Events For Biden’s Fundraising Strategy

In a shocking revelation, it appears that President Biden is set to benefit from massive undisclosed donations from an outside super PAC supporting his 2024 candidacy. The Future Forward PAC, touted as the primary external group raising funds to support Biden’s campaign, has reportedly raised a staggering $50 million this year alone.

However, records indicate that the money is likely channeled into the affiliated dark money nonprofit, Future Forward USA Action. Surprisingly, during the first half of the year, the Future Forward PAC only reported a meager $67,000 in contributions. These receipts mainly came from a vendor refund and in-kind donations from the nonprofit.

Future Forward’s nonprofit operates with hidden donors and has transferred tens of millions to the PAC for electoral activities over the years. This arrangement could potentially boost Biden’s candidacy with significant funds from anonymous sources, all while keeping the donors’ identities shrouded in secrecy.

The irony here is striking – Joe Biden, who once decried dark money’s corrosive effects on public trust, now finds his campaign fueled by millions of dollars in dark money. Caitlin Sutherland, the executive director of Americans for Public Trust, aptly points out this blatant political hypocrisy that the American people can’t stand.

Additionally, the involvement of the Arabella Advisors consulting firm, which manages a billion-dollar dark money network, adds another layer of secrecy to the flow of funds, concealing the original donors even further.

The Impetus Fund, another dark money group, surprisingly funneled a massive $55.8 million to Future Forward USA Action during the last presidential cycle, as revealed in tax documents.

All of this raises serious questions about the source of these substantial, anonymous sums of money that are significantly influencing President Biden’s potential re-election bid. The American people deserve transparency and accountability, especially when it comes to the highest office in the land.

As we delve deeper into this dark money mystery, it becomes evident that the Future Forward PAC’s secretive backing could leave Americans in the dark about who is truly supporting the premier outside Biden super PAC for the 2024 elections.

Source Fox News