Shocking Whistleblower Disclosure Involving A Familiar Name

In a stunning revelation that has sent shockwaves through Washington, Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz is calling for the House to launch impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden. Why? It all stems from the explosive claims made by an IRS whistleblower regarding Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Chinese business partner.

According to the whistleblower, Hunter Biden allegedly used WhatsApp to pressure his Chinese business partner while invoking the name of his father, President Joe Biden. Shockingly, Hunter even claimed that his father was present in the room during these business dealings. This is direct evidence of Joe Biden abusing his government power to benefit his own family.

Cruz passionately argues that these allegations cannot be ignored. He highlights the fact that the whistleblower claims that the Department of Justice, under Merrick Garland, prevented an investigation into this crucial WhatsApp message. If true, this is a clear case of obstruction of justice.

The implications of this revelation are enormous. It directly ties Joe Biden to millions of dollars coming from communist China. While it’s possible that Hunter Biden was lying or exaggerating, we cannot know the truth because the investigation into these allegations was prevented from happening.

Cruz emphasizes the need for a thorough investigation into these matters. He points out that if Democrats truly cared about the rule of law, they would immediately hold a hearing with Merrick Garland to get to the bottom of this. Every document, email, and communication between the Department of Justice and the investigators must be examined.

Unfortunately, Cruz believes that the chances of the Senate Judiciary Committee taking action are close to zero, as Democrats seem uninterested in holding their own accountable. However, there is hope in the House. The responsibility now lies with the House Republicans to ensure a fair investigation into these serious allegations.

If the claims made in the WhatsApp messages are accurate, it directly contradicts President Biden’s repeated denials of any knowledge regarding his son’s business dealings. This raises questions about the integrity and honesty of our current president.

The American people deserve transparency and accountability from their elected officials. It is time for the House to act and uncover the truth behind these allegations. The future of our nation’s democracy depends on it.

Source Fox News