SQUAD Member Scandal Starts UNRAVELING And You WON’T Believe Who’s In The Crossfire

In a stunning revelation, it has been discovered that Democrats love to keep their campaign funds in the family. Representative Cori Bush, a member of the Squad from Missouri, has been caught up in the scandal.

A watchdog group called the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust has sounded the alarm and asked the Federal Elections Commission to investigate her payment of $60,000 to her husband for private security services in 2022, despite him not having a private security license.

The watchdog group has requested the investigation to determine whether “Rep. Cori Bush and her campaign committee may have used campaign funds for personal use.”

Furthermore, the group stated that “it appears Rep. Bush’s campaign may have made payments for services that were unnecessary or above fair market value because of her personal relationship with the payee.”

The group suspects that these payments would qualify as either impermissible payments to a family member or an impermissible gift.

It is worth noting that Bush made the payments to her husband even though he did not have a license to provide security in St. Louis or anywhere in Rep. Bush’s district.

This situation begs the question of why she would pay such a large sum of money to her husband without checking whether he was licensed to provide the services.

Representative Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, has also been scrutinized for paying her daughter over $1.2 million since 2004, including six-figure payments in the 2022 cycle. Karen Waters pocketed $192,300 from her mother’s campaign to keep her ‘slate mailer’ operation afloat between January 2021 and December 2022.

This setup involves outside campaigns paying Waters’ campaign to appear on the slate mailers or endorsement mailers sent out to constituents in the Los Angeles area. The practice is highly unusual on the federal level, and Waters appears to be the only national politician using it to grab committee cash.

It is legal for federal lawmakers to employ family members on campaigns, but ethics experts have frowned upon the practice. Therefore, Republicans are aiming to put a ban on lawmakers from putting family members on the campaign payroll after many prominent Democrats have been called out over the practice.

Republican Texas Representative Pat Fallon has introduced the Family Integrity to Reform Elections Act, which would prevent campaign funds from going to a candidate’s immediate family. The bill, if passed, would also make the candidate directly responsible for knowingly violating the provision.

In conclusion, the allegations against Representative Cori Bush and Representative Maxine Waters highlight the culture of corruption in the Democratic party.

It is time for voters to demand that their elected officials put their country first, instead of enriching themselves and their family members with campaign funds.

The Family Integrity to Reform Elections Act is a step in the right direction to reduce nepotistic practices in American campaigns and ensure that politicians do not abuse their voters’ hard-earned money.