Ted Cruz Just Calls Out Fauci And You’ll Want To Stand and APPLAUD

The Washington Post editorial board is facing criticism from conservative voices after publishing an article defending President Biden’s student loan handout.

While the board acknowledged that the handout may have been an overreach, it argued that the Supreme Court should not strike it down because the challengers lack standing.

Several prominent conservatives, including Republican 2020 presidential candidate Joe Walsh and conservative journalist Jeryl Bier, criticized the article on Twitter, questioning the Post’s motives and arguing that Biden’s actions were illegal.

The board warned that striking down the handout could lead to waves of lawsuits from people seeking favorable rulings on disputes in which they have no stake. It also argued that the court should recognize the limits on its authority and that it should not intervene in every dispute that arises.

However, critics have accused the Post of taking a partisan stance and defending Biden’s overreach simply because he is a Democrat. They argue that if a Republican president had done the same thing, the Post would have been calling for the Supreme Court to strike it down.

This debate highlights the importance of having a fair and impartial judiciary that is not swayed by partisan politics. It also underscores the need for executive actions to be subject to judicial review to ensure that they do not violate the Constitution.

In the end, it will be up to the Supreme Court to decide whether the challengers have standing and whether Biden’s handout is constitutional. But for now, the Post’s defense of the handout has ignited a firestorm of criticism from conservative voices who see it as yet another example of media bias.