The Disturbing Revelations Behind This Political WAR, You’ll Be Stunned

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has found herself under fire from Sen. Lindsey Graham after remarks she made about Jake Teixeira, the Massachusetts Air National Guardsman who leaked highly classified intelligence on Ukraine and China.

However, Republicans are now rallying behind Greene in defense of her comments.

In an interview on Sunday, Graham called Greene’s apparent praise for the leaker “irresponsible,” but this has not deterred Republicans from showing their support for the Georgia representative.

They argue that unauthorized releases of sensitive military intelligence that may support a personal political view nonetheless “puts America in serious danger.”

They say that what Greene is suggesting will destroy America’s ability to defend itself and that if members of the military intelligence community disagree with American policy, leaking classified information would land them in jail.

In response to Graham’s criticism, Greene posted a photo of him that was digitally altered to show him holding a can of Bud Light with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney’s face on it. Despite criticism from Graham, Republicans are applauding Greene’s comments, and some are even calling for her to be the next Speaker of the House.