The Dramatic Turn of Events in the Democratic Nomination Race, You’ll Be Shocked

As the country continues to face mounting challenges, concerns are growing about Joe Biden’s ability to lead. At 80 years old, the president is showing signs of his age, which are starting to affect his governance.

From rising inflation to the border crisis and foreign threats, it seems like the problems are only getting worse under the Biden administration. The country is more politically divided than ever before, and the culture war rages on.

What’s even more concerning is that Biden’s own party is starting to doubt his leadership. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has announced his candidacy for the 2024 Democratic nomination, and he’s off to a strong start, with the support of 14% of voters who backed President Biden in 2020.

These poll results underscore the need for a change in leadership. With Biden’s declining support and Kennedy’s strong start, it’s clear that there may be a desire for a more mainstream candidate to challenge Biden for the nomination.

Given the current state of the union, it’s time for Democrats to start seriously considering their options and find a candidate who can unite the country and lead it out of the current crisis.