The GOP Sounds Off on Biden’s Budget Proposal, It Impacts YOU More Than You Think

Florida Senator Rick Scott recently sent a letter to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) regarding President Biden’s $6.8 trillion budget proposal.

In the letter, Scott expressed concern about the administration’s rampant government spending and criticized Biden’s refusal to focus on debt reduction.

Scott noted that the president had an opportunity to address the painful situation his policies have created for American families.

However, instead of proposing a plan rooted in reality, Biden proposed a $6.8 trillion budget that is 55% more than what was spent in 2019.

The Florida senator criticized the proposal for growing the debt to nearly $51 trillion over the next decade, raising taxes on millions of Americans making less than $400,000 per year, and violating the president’s pledge to spare small businesses and hardworking families from tax hikes.

Scott urged the OMB director to take a look at his Protect Our Seniors Act for ideas on how to do more for the program and ensure that benefits are protected and preserved both today and in the future.

He also provided a list of prepared committee lines of questioning for Young, including whether she believes excessive government spending, especially deficit spending, causes inflation and if the proposal is balanced.

In conclusion, Senator Rick Scott’s letter serves as a wake-up call to the White House that American families are facing the consequences of the administration’s fiscal mismanagement every day.

The upcoming budget hearing will reveal how the OMB plans to respond to Scott’s concerns and questions.