The MEDIA Is Ripping A Democrat, Take a GUESS Who

The Atlantic has published an article urging a challenger to run against President Biden in the upcoming 2024 election. The writer argues that it is time for a change and for someone new to offer the Democratic Party a choice.

While it is unclear who the potential challenger would be, some names have been suggested, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Gavin Newsom.

The article was published following growing concerns about Biden’s age and his ability to lead the Democratic Party to victory. However, Jill Biden has recently stated that Joe Biden is ready to announce his reelection campaign.


  • The Atlantic has suggested a primary challenger to Joe Biden’s potential reelection campaign.
  • The article cites concerns over Biden’s age and ability to lead the party to victory.
  • Possible challengers include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Gavin Newsom.
  • Jill Biden has stated that Joe Biden is ready to announce his reelection campaign.
  • Polling shows that only 37% of Democrats want Biden to launch a second bid.

Commentary: While it is no secret that many Republicans do not support Joe Biden, it is concerning to see members of the Democratic Party expressing doubt about his ability to lead.

The suggestion of a primary challenger by The Atlantic is a sign of division within the party, and it is not clear how this will impact the 2024 election.

However, as Republicans, we should focus on building a strong campaign and offering voters a clear alternative to the Democratic platform. We should not rely on internal divisions within the Democratic Party to secure a victory, but instead present a compelling vision for the future of our country.