The Most UNEXPECTED Person is Stepping up for 2024, You’ll Never Guess

The Biden team is reportedly hiring Julie Rodriguez, a senior advisor in the White House, to manage President Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign. This news has caused concern among Republican voters, who are worried about the negative impact that Biden’s leadership could have on the country.

Despite Biden’s age and plummeting approval ratings, advisers have said he has no real pressure to kick off his re-election campaign as he faces no significant opposition to his party’s nomination.

However, with the potential for a head-to-head general election between Trump and Biden, it is vital that Republicans remain vigilant in their support for conservative policies and their opposition to the radical leftist agenda that Biden and his team are pushing.

Let us stand strong and show the left that we will not be silenced. We must continue to fight for the values and principles that make America great, and not allow the Biden administration to take us down a dangerous path of socialism and big government.