The Shocking Document That Has Everyone Talking – Rep Comer Goes After Biden

According to recent reports, the House Oversight and Reform Committee has obtained documents showing that the Biden family received money from the Chinese Communist Party.

The committee’s chairman, Rep. James Comer, stated in an interview with Fox News that they have individuals cooperating with them, and they now have bank records that show how the Biden family was receiving money from the CCP.

Comer expressed his concerns and said that the documents they have in hand are as bad as they initially thought. He also revealed that they have met with individuals who had ties with the Biden family on various schemes around the world in the last two weeks.

Comer expressed his relief that the Biden administration has been stonewalling them, as it has helped them build a stronger case for why they need these documents.

He also hinted that the CCP may have something on the Biden family, which could be the reason for their soft approach to China.

The committee is committed to bringing the truth to light, and the American people deserve transparency from their leadership in Washington.