The Silent Accomplice, You Won’t Believe Who It Is

Picture this: a man stumbling through his words, forgetting names, and struggling to form coherent sentences. No, it’s not a scene from a comedy show; it’s President Joe Biden in action. From the moment he took office, Biden’s blunders have been nothing short of entertaining, if not downright concerning.

Let’s start with his infamous gaffes. It seems like every time Biden opens his mouth, there’s a new verbal slip waiting to happen. Whether he’s confusing his wife for his sister, mixing up states, or claiming to have been arrested in South Africa (spoiler alert: he wasn’t), Biden’s verbal blunders provide endless material for late-night comedians.

But it’s not just his verbal slip-ups that leave us scratching our heads. Biden’s policy decisions have been equally puzzling. Take his handling of the border crisis, for example. Despite inheriting a secure border from the previous administration, Biden’s lax immigration policies have led to a surge of illegal border crossings, overwhelming our border patrol agents and putting American citizens at risk.


Fox News