The SURPRISING Party Gaining Ground in America’s Poorer Districts, You’ll Be Surprised

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) made headlines on Monday by claiming to have uncovered evidence of a vast criminal enterprise involving the Biden family.

After reviewing financial reports at the Treasury, Greene alleges to have uncovered a convoluted network of LLCs and wire transfers originating from foreign nations, which purportedly formed a business.

The recent revelations come on the heels of a Chinese-American bank providing Senate Republicans with records revealing millions of dollars transferred from Chinese firms to Hunter Biden and James Biden. Furthermore, Bank of America complied with a subpoena issued by the House Oversight Committee that requested “all financial records” from 2009 to the present, relating to all individuals associated with Hunter Biden, who established a “joint venture” with executives from CEFC China Energy.

These developments point to a clear paper trail of financial transactions involving the Biden family and foreign entities, prompting investigations into what further evidence will be uncovered and what consequences may follow.