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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic that has sparked a lot of debate. As we progress into the future, the role of AI in society is becoming increasingly important. So, Fox News decided to ask people in Texas and California what they thought about it.

Gopal from Austin is in favor of AI, stating that it makes people smarter and organizations more efficient. He believes that it has a positive impact on society. On the other hand, Carlos from Houston thinks that the use of AI depends on how it is used. He believes that if it is not used in the right way, it could be harmful.

According to a Fox News poll, nearly half of all registered voters familiar with AI considered it a “bad thing.” Only 38% viewed it favorably, while just over one-in-10 said it depends. This suggests that people are divided on the issue.

Some individuals, such as Waukena from Los Angeles, use AI as a creative tool in their film class. She asks it for ideas and uses it more than Google search. However, Steven from Los Angeles is concerned about the impact of AI on jobs. He believes that if everything is left to robots and automation, it could be detrimental to certain jobs.

Men were found to be more familiar with AI technology than women, and college graduates and younger voters were more familiar with AI chatbots than voters who were over 45 or lacked a degree.

Joe from San Antonio seemed unbothered by the prospect of AI job replacement. He believes that he will never be outsmarted by an inanimate object.

In conclusion, AI is a topic that has sparked much debate. While some people view it positively, others believe that it could be harmful if used in the wrong way. However, as we continue to progress into the future, the role of AI in society will become increasingly important.

Source Fox News