The Unexpected Defense Of Biden’s Actions You Won’t Believe

The escalating border crisis under President Biden’s watch is a matter of grave concern that cannot be ignored. Rep. Ro Khanna’s recent remarks on Fox News Sunday, attempting to deflect blame and label the GOP immigration bill as “extreme,” only exacerbate the partisan divide on this crucial issue. It is time to set aside political posturing and address the crisis head-on.

Khanna’s suggestion of coming together on common principles sounds appealing, but it fails to acknowledge the historical failures of previous bipartisan immigration reforms.

The American people demand action and results, not empty rhetoric. We need a secure border, an efficient immigration process, and strict enforcement of the law.

While Khanna shifts the blame onto Congress, it is essential to recognize the Biden administration’s role in repealing effective policies that deter illegal immigration. The surge of over 82,000 migrants at the border is a clear indication of the administration’s failure to secure our borders and protect American citizens.

The Republican immigration bill offers comprehensive solutions, including robust border security measures and the use of E-Verify to ensure legal authorization to work.

Khanna’s dismissal of these proposals as “extreme” without providing substantial alternatives is a disservice to the American people who demand effective solutions.

The time for political games is over. President Biden must take decisive action to secure the border, protect American jobs, and restore order to our immigration system. The American people are watching, and they deserve better.

Source Fox News