The Unexpected Twist In The Biden Narrative

As we gear up for the highly anticipated closed-door congressional testimony of Devon Archer, the longtime friend and business partner of Hunter Biden, it’s time to delve into the theme of the week: obstruction of injustice.

In any normal world, the House Oversight Committee would be focused on asking Archer tough questions about the corruption surrounding the Biden family. One of the key questions would be the extent of President Biden’s involvement in using his political influence for personal gain.

Hunter Biden, the President’s problematic son, seems to have been the driving force behind this shady business, with the aid of Archer and other associates like the President’s brother Jim Biden, as well as business partners James Bulger, Rob Walker, James Gilliar, and Eric Scherwin.

The most glaring issue here is why the Bidens chose to do business with agents of corrupt and anti-American governments. Did these foreign regimes receive any comparable value in exchange for the payments they made to the Bidens? It seems highly unlikely, unless the access to Joe Biden himself (both during his vice presidency and presidential campaign) is considered as the “”value”” in question.

The questionable nature of this business deal is further evident in the way payments were structured. Instead of straightforward transactions, the Bidens opted for a money-laundering-like approach, breaking down multimillion-dollar foreign transfers into smaller, less noticeable amounts.

These funds were then routed through a complex web of transfer channels, bank accounts, and business entities that seemingly existed solely to collect money without producing any significant value.

Here’s the kicker: they set up 20 limited liability companies and made payments to a whopping nine Biden family members, including grandchildren and others who had no involvement in the actual business dealings. The lack of transparency and the apparent lack of legitimate business transactions raise serious red flags.

However, there’s nothing “”normal”” about this corruption investigation. As we saw with the recent collapse of Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal in Delaware, the Biden Justice Department isn’t genuinely investigating the Bidens; it’s protecting them, especially the President.

The first question to be asked of Devon Archer is, “”Why are you here?”” In a real criminal investigation, the Justice Department wouldn’t allow key witnesses to testify before Congress. Witnesses are usually carefully prepared for their court testimonies, but in a congressional hearing, they may not be as well-prepared, leading to misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

In the Biden case, it’s evident that there’s no genuine investigation happening. The actions of the Justice Department, including Attorney General Merrick Garland’s refusal to appoint a special counsel outside of the Biden DOJ, suggest that the primary goal is to protect the President, not seek the truth.

As the closed-door testimony approaches, we must press on and demand answers. Let’s get to the bottom of what the Justice Department, the FBI, and the IRS have been asking Archer about President Biden’s role in this questionable business. The American people deserve to know the truth, and it’s time for the obstruction of injustice to end.

Source Fox News