This Left-Leaning Political Contributor Just Exposed Democrats’ Dark Secret on Crime – Republicans Can’t Believe It!

CNN political contributor and left-leaning scholar at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, Paul Begala, is calling out Democrats for their soft-on-crime policies. During a recent appearance on HBO’s “Real Time,” Begala pointed out the need for Democrats to address crime in rural and red state areas, where rates are high.

Begala argues that Democrats need to step up and take a stand, acknowledging that some people belong in jail. Democrats claim to care about victims of crime, yet fail to address the issue in rural and suburban areas, not just cities.

Despite these criticisms, Democrats continue to push their soft-on-crime policies, even advocating for defunding the police. This move has not only angered many Republicans but also some moderate Democrats. Interestingly, while Blacks overwhelmingly favor a police presence in their communities, far-leftists have ignored this, pushing their agendas even further.

Democrats’ policies have led to substandard education and poverty, both major contributors to the crime issue. The Democrats have governed in cities for decades, but they have done very little to improve the lives of racial minorities in America.

In conclusion, Begala’s criticisms of the Democrats’ approach to the crime issue are spot-on. Democrats need to start addressing the problem of crime in red state and rural areas, and they need to stop pushing their soft-on-crime policies. It’s time for Democrats to prioritize the safety and security of all Americans, instead of just their own political agenda.