Treasury Official Might SPILL the Goods, You WON’T Be Surprised Who’s In The CrossFire

Jonathan Davidson, a Treasury Department official nominated by President Joe Biden, is scheduled to testify this week about the agency withholding suspicious activity reports (SARs) generated by U.S. banks on James and Hunter Biden.

The SARs could contain evidence of potential criminal activities such as money laundering and fraud. Davidson’s partisan work history has raised concerns about whether his testimony will be tainted with political bias, given that he previously worked for Biden’s transition team and on Capitol Hill for more than 20 years in Democrat politics.

Davidson’s testimony is especially concerning given the Treasury’s refusal to provide the SARs to the House Oversight Committee while providing the same SARs to a separate congressional office. Davidson’s wife, Erin Sheehy, also appears to hold similar political views as her husband and campaigned for Joe Biden in 2020.

Republicans should closely monitor Davidson’s testimony and question whether his political bias will influence what he says about the Biden family’s suspicious bank records.