Trump Makes INSANE Legal Move, You WON’T Guess Who He Just Challenged In Court

Former President Donald Trump has filed a motion in federal court to stop former Vice President Mike Pence from testifying before a grand jury about election matters, citing that the information is “privileged.” The move comes after the Department of Justice asked a judge to compel Pence to testify.

According to CNN, the Trump team had already indicated to special counsel Jack Smith that the former president intended to assert privilege over Pence’s testimony.

Trump and Pence are both in agreement on fighting the subpoena, with the former vice president also vowing to resist it.

This latest development underscores Trump’s continued efforts to defend the integrity of the 2020 presidential election and fight against what he perceives as attempts by Democrats to undermine it. Trump and Pence have been vocal in their criticism of the election process, alleging widespread fraud and irregularities, despite multiple court rulings and investigations that have found no evidence of such claims.

Passionate Republican voters will likely view this move by Trump as a strong stance against what they see as an unfair and biased investigation into the election. They may also see Pence’s refusal to testify as a sign of loyalty to Trump and a shared commitment to fighting what they believe to be a corrupt and rigged system.

As the legal battle over the election continues, it is clear that Trump remains a prominent figure in Republican politics and is not backing down in his fight for what he believes is right. His efforts to defend the integrity of the election and challenge the results will likely continue to resonate with passionate Republican voters who share his views on this important issue.