Trump Shines a Light on Buried Scandals, You’ll Stand And Applaud

The Manhattan district attorney’s indictment of Donald Trump has been all over the news lately, but why is the media so fixated on it?

The truth is, the media’s coverage of Trump’s arraignment has sidelined every other major news story, giving Biden a free pass to avoid dealing with the scandals that are engulfing him and his family.

The documents scandal is not going away, and revelations about Biden’s mishandling of classified materials and subsequent cover-ups are leaving voters wondering if he’s fit to lead. Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting, and even Democrats are questioning his ability to govern.

Moreover, the indictment of Donald Trump has helped fully bumped off Page One a shortlist of other major issues, including OPEC’s announcement that it would cut oil production by more than one million barrels per day, driving prices higher. Rising gasoline prices and a slowing economy will drive Biden’s approval ratings even lower.

The media is also ignoring the fact that members of the Biden family have received a steady stream of dollars flowing from China, raising serious concerns about influence peddling.

The Oversight Committee has revealed Censorship orchestrated by Democrats is also a major issue that the media is ignoring. Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter revealed that the Biden White House, the DNC, the FBI, and others colluded to censor U.S. communications. The House is also investigating social media censorship.

The banking crisis resulting from reckless Democrat spending ushering in dangerously high inflation, the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, and a bailout of Democrat-friendly tech firms is yet another issue that the media is ignoring.

Finally, Russia’s jailing of a journalist accused of spying is the first instance of an American journalist being detained for such allegations since the end of the Cold War. While other nations’ leaders have denounced the move, Joe Biden has been close to mum about holding Russia accountable.

These are just a few of the stories that Trump’s indictment has bumped to the sidelines and that have prevented Biden from jumping into the 2024 race. The media is too busy trying to take down Trump and distract the public from Biden’s scandals. It’s time for the American people to wake up and demand accountability from their leaders.