Trump’s 4th Indictment: The Reaction From His Far-Left Foes Will Leave You SPEECHLESS

The political landscape is buzzing with reactions as former President Trump faces his fourth indictment, this time from Fulton County, Georgia. Progressive Democrats, especially those from the far-left, have been vocal in their responses, with some comments being particularly scathing.

“”Squad”” member Rep. Cori Bush, R-Mo., was forthright in her sentiments, stating, “”The twice-impeached former white supremacist-in-chief now has as many indictments as he had years in office — four.”” Such strong words reflect the deep-seated animosity some hold towards Trump. Bush further expressed her hope for Trump to face the consequences of his actions and wished for an end to his “”tyrannical, incompetent rule.””

The indictment revolves around Trump and 18 others, focusing on their alleged efforts to tamper with Georgia’s 2020 presidential election count. Trump faces 13 counts, with the indictment suggesting a conspiracy to unlawfully change the election outcome in his favor.

Source Fox News