Trump’s BOMBSHELL Comment at Texas Rally, This News Will Have You Rethinking Everything

Former President Donald Trump has warned that the future of the United States hangs in the balance unless election security is ensured. Speaking to supporters at a rally in Texas, Trump claimed that the 2024 election would be the “final battle” for the nation’s future.

“We have to stop them from cheating on elections,” Trump declared. “Because if we don’t win this next election—2024—I truly believe our country is doomed.”

According to the ex-President, America has become a “banana republic” due to a corrupt justice system, weaponization of law enforcement, and rigged elections. He promised that supporters would eventually see him vindicated and victorious, while the “thugs and criminals who are corrupting our justice system will be defeated, discredited, and totally disgraced.”

Trump also issued a challenge to the “deep state” officials who opposed his presidency, stating that “Either the deep state destroys America or we destroy the deep state.”

The rally saw the former President criticize the Special Counsel investigation into his actions, as well as a potential grand jury indictment from the Manhattan D.A.’s office, which Republicans claim is “election interference.”

He also took aim at Stormy Daniels, the alleged recipient of a “hush money payment” at the center of the grand jury probe.

Trump ended his speech with a message of hope for his supporters, stating that “in 2024, we’ll have the greatest victory of them all.”