Trump’s Legal Win, You Won’t Guess Which Familiar Face Cheers in the Spotlight

Former President Donald Trump’s upcoming arraignment has been a source of excitement for many in the media, including MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

However, her excitement turned to anger when the judge in the case, Judge Juan Merchan, decided to limit the number of photographers in the courtroom and ban video cameras altogether.

The judge ruled late on Monday night that he would allow five pool photographers to snap for several minutes before the arraignment formally starts on Tuesday, but declared that no cameras will be allowed in the courtroom.

“That this indictment involves a matter of monumental significance cannot possibly be disputed. Never in the history of the United States has a sitting or past President been indicted on criminal charges,” Merchan said. The judge said he “needed to balance other interests” and that no electronic devices will be allowed in either the main or overflow courtrooms.

Maddow was visibly angry about the decision, taking to the airwaves to complain about the judge’s ruling. She called the decision “ridiculous” and accused the judge of caving to pressure from Trump’s legal team.

“This is just another example of the Trump administration trying to silence the media and control the narrative,” she said.

The arraignment is expected to be a major media event, with reporters from around the world descending on New York City to cover the case.

Trump’s 2024 campaign raised a whopping $7 million in the days after he was indicted, with the former president leading the potential Republican presidential primary field in numerous recent polls.