Trump’s Post-Hearing Insights, You’ll Be Amused How He Outsmart them All

Trump Expresses Outrage on TruthSocial After Arraignment; McCarthy Supports Accountability

In the wake of his Manhattan arraignment, former President Donald Trump wasted no time sharing his response on TruthSocial. He emphasized that legal experts from across the political landscape believe there is “no case here.”

Trump posted an update about his plans to speak at Mar-a-Lago and criticized the lack of surprises at the hearing. He insisted that nothing illegal had occurred, and many legal pundits agree. Additionally, Trump pointed out the high costs of the NYPD presence and his recent court victories.

Reactions to this unprecedented day have been diverse, with Speaker McCarthy pledging to hold DA Alvin Bragg responsible for what he deems as politically motivated charges. On the other hand, President Biden seems satisfied with the legal challenges facing the GOP frontrunner.