Turning Heads at UFC Events, You’ll Be Surprised To Know This Most UNEXPECTED Celebrity

Donald Trump’s appearance at a recent UFC event in Miami caused a sensation, according to UFC President Dana White. Speaking on Fox News, White described the incredible reception that the former President received when he entered the arena. Here are the key takeaways:

Trump received a rapturous reception at the UFC event in Miami.
UFC President Dana White said that the entire place erupted and everybody was going crazy.

Trump entered the arena with White and sat in the front row with Mike Tyson, Kid Rock, and other celebrities.
White praised the UFC’s response to COVID lockdowns, saying that his company was the first to fill arenas again.

Trump also criticized “woke” culture during his appearance.

Donald Trump’s popularity shows no signs of waning among his supporters, as demonstrated by his recent appearance at a UFC event in Miami.

Trump’s appearance caused a sensation, and many people attending the event were clearly delighted to see him. UFC President Dana White’s comments about the reaction to Trump’s appearance indicate that there is still a significant level of support for the former President among UFC fans.

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