Unbelievable Actions By A Well-Known Legal Team

The legal troubles surrounding Hunter Biden have taken an intriguing turn, with Delaware Judge Maryellen Noreika threatening sanctions against his legal team. The allegations revolve around a possible attempt to manipulate the court process by removing sensitive information about IRS whistleblowers from the docket without following proper procedures.

According to court documents, Hunter Biden’s counsel is accused of misrepresenting the identity of one of their members while requesting the clerk’s office to seal the amicus materials. The judge’s order indicates that the caller, Ms. Jessica Bengels, allegedly claimed to work with Mr. Kittila and requested the removal of the amicus materials citing sensitive grand jury, taxpayer, and social security information.

The situation has escalated, and Judge Noreika has given Biden’s legal team until 9 p.m. on Tuesday to explain their actions. Failure to provide a satisfactory explanation will lead to the unsealing of the document in question, exposing its contents to the public.

In response to the allegations, Biden’s legal team insists that there was no misrepresentation and that any misunderstandings were unintentional. They hope to dispel any doubts about their credibility through an attached declaration.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden is already facing legal consequences for willful failure to pay federal income tax, pleading guilty to two misdemeanor counts. The charges pertain to unpaid taxes exceeding $100,000 on earnings of over $1.5 million during 2017 and 2018.

As the case unfolds, Hunter Biden’s claims of having no knowledge of his son’s business dealings are increasingly under scrutiny. This story continues to captivate public attention, and we will closely monitor any new developments.

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Source Fox News