UNBELIEVABLE: Biden’s Silence on Meeting Gold Star Families – Issa Reveals All

President Joe Biden has yet to respond to the proposed meeting with Gold Star families, according to Rep. Darrell Issa. This information comes at a critical time when the nation’s focus on honoring and recognizing military families is of utmost importance.

The Gold Star families, those who have lost loved ones in military service, deserve the utmost respect and attention from our nation’s leaders. However, Biden’s failure to respond to a meeting that was proposed weeks ago raises questions about his commitment to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Rep. Issa’s revelation has sparked outrage among conservatives, who see this as another example of Biden’s lack of connection with the American people. This isn’t just a matter of political courtesy; it’s a sign of respect for those who have given everything for their country.

This silence may lead some to question the administration’s priorities and where the concerns of Gold Star families fall within them. It’s not just about the meeting itself but the message that this silence sends. What does it say about the President’s view on our military and their families?

In a time when unity and empathy are needed, Biden’s non-response is a disheartening sign. The nation waits for a response, and so do the Gold Star families.

Source Fox News