Unmasking the Biden Family, You’ll Never Guess By Who

In a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan had a conversation with mixed martial artist Jorge Masvidal, where they discussed the scandals surrounding the Biden family that they believe have been ignored by the political establishment.

Masvidal praised former President Trump amid his legal battles and suggested that the institutions targeting him were proof that he was defying the establishment. “That’s how you know that he’s doing something right, the one dude that’s fighting for us, that’s actually for the people, they want to crucify him,” he said.

Rogan, who has been critical of Biden in the past, also weighed in, calling him “so old and so compromised” and slamming him as a “goofy old politician” who has “been in that lying business forever.” He suggested that Biden “lied a lot about his record and his education background” and added that he had “lied about a bunch of things.”

Masvidal then spoke about what he called “the China money that he’s been getting for years, hooking up his son,” and criticized the way that the Biden family had denied the existence of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contained damaging information. He also accused the FBI of suppressing the story before the election.

Rogan agreed, saying that the Hunter Biden revelations had been heavily restricted, and suggested that if the same allegations had been made against Trump and his family, the reaction would have been much different. He also mentioned that Hunter Biden was getting money from China and Ukraine and that this was a serious issue.

Masvidal added that while he sympathized with the people of Ukraine, he was wary of America getting involved and potentially starting World War 3. Rogan then expressed his concern that the left, which he said used to be about freedom, was now behind the encouragement of war.

The conversation between Rogan and Masvidal is indicative of the ongoing controversy surrounding the Biden family’s alleged scandals and the way they have been covered by the media and political establishment.

As the issue continues to be discussed, it remains to be seen how it will impact the Biden administration and its policies moving forward.

Source https://www.foxnews.com/media/rogan-calls-joe-biden-lying-business-forever-denying-hunters-laptop-china-money