Unraveling the Mystery: Why Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Just Stepped Down

In a surprising turn of events, Hunter Biden’s lead attorney, Chris Clark, has requested to withdraw from the case. This move comes amid “recent developments in the matter,” specifically relating to the failed “sweetheart” plea deal that the Justice Department had offered to the president’s son. Clark’s decision to step down is rooted in the possibility of him being called as a witness in ongoing matters concerning the plea agreement. The Delaware Rule of Professional Conduct, which Clark cites in his filing, states that a lawyer should not act as an advocate in a trial where they might be a necessary witness, unless their disqualification would cause significant hardship to the client. With the negotiation and drafting of the plea agreement now contested, Clark’s involvement as a witness becomes more likely. As the case unfolds, many are left wondering about the implications of this withdrawal and what it means for the Biden family.

Source Fox News