Unseen Danger In Our Skies, It’s Not What You Think

The recent revelations surrounding Chinese spy balloons have cast a shadow of concern over U.S. national security. Official sources from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army have exposed the true nature of these balloons, refuting their claimed purpose of meteorological research and revealing their offensive military applications. This new information demands urgent attention and action.

China’s surveillance craft, comparable in size to three Greyhound buses, embarked on a covert operation within U.S. airspace, starting from Alaska in January 2023.

It was not until February when an F-22 fighter jet intercepted and shot down the massive spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina, that their mission was terminated. Throughout their presence, these balloons collected valuable intelligence on American soil.

The China Media Studies Project, operated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), has released a comprehensive report that uncovers the truth about the Chinese spy balloons. The report incorporates materials from the China Military Network, an official outlet of the People’s Liberation Army, which published an article titled “An Omnipotent Weapon—How Amazing are Near Space Vehicles?” prior to the spy balloon’s incursion into U.S. airspace.

The article highlights the potential of near-space vehicles in revolutionizing air defense and anti-missile combat. If equipped with weapons platforms, these vehicles could unleash rapid and devastating attacks on a global scale.

The term “near-space” refers to the region above commercial flight paths, offering a vantage point beyond conventional surveillance capabilities. Near-space vehicles provide the Chinese regime with unparalleled access to critical information. The report further emphasizes the importance of information superiority in future wars, with near-space vehicles serving as key assets in carrying out space-based countermeasures and strikes.

MEMRI’s report is a wake-up call, revealing the dual purpose of the Chinese spy balloons. Not only do they engage in espionage activities, but they also possess offensive military capabilities. The debate surrounding the intelligence gathered by these balloons during their observation of U.S. states is only the tip of the iceberg.

By translating open-source Chinese government documents and news reports, MEMRI’s research exposes the broader military utilization of surveillance balloons, airships, and airship-borne hypersonic vehicles by the Chinese regime.

The downing of the spy balloon prompted a response from Chinese state-controlled media outlet Guancha.cn, which published an article titled “The Airship was Shot Down And Has Fulfilled An Amazing Strategy Research Article Published Nine Years Ago,” authored by retired senior Chinese air force colonel Wang Xiangsui. This article further underscores China’s strategic intentions and highlights the potential of airships in becoming a core component of new-generation air defense systems.

It is crucial not to downplay the gravity of these incidents. China’s aggression and dangerous behavior have been ongoing for decades. The Biden administration has taken steps to address these challenges, but there is much work ahead. The United States, together with its allies and partners, must stand united to counter China’s aggression in all domains.

Our national security demands a cautious and realistic approach to engagement, ensuring that any cooperation is based on concrete actions rather than empty promises.

Source Fox News