What Stormy Daniels REALLY Thinks About Trump’s Future, You’ll Be Stunned

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Daniels expressed her concern that her scandal may have made life worse for Americans. When asked if she believed it would be worth it if her scandal prevented Trump from becoming president again, she said, “It depends on who would get elected instead. It could be even worse. And then I’ve made the most terrible mistake.”

Daniels also spoke about how she helped get two vice squad police officers fired for wrongful arrest during one of her strip club performances in 2020. In her trial against her former lawyer Michael Avenatti, she refused to let her career be used against her.

Despite her past controversy, Daniels’ willingness to speak out and stand up for what she believes in should be commended.

Source https://conservativebrief.com/daniels-americans-72528/