When Technology Falls Into The WRONG Hands, You’ll Be Shocked

China’s use of advanced technology to oppress its own people and steal American intellectual property is a significant threat to the US, according to conservative opinion writer John Smith.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has erased important historical events, like the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, from its heavily censored internet and kept it out of books and schools. It has also used advanced systems against its own population to suppress dissent and monitor behavior.

Rep. Mark Green’s China Technology Transfer Control Act seeks to impose new limits on US technology exports to China to prevent Beijing from using advanced systems against its own population.

The bill’s export restrictions on technology related to AI, robotics, biotech, computing, and internet-related services would be imposed when it would aid China’s military, harm US national security, or allow China to carry out violations of human rights or religious liberties against its own people.

The Biden administration is also considering limits on tech exports to China related to AI, semiconductors, and quantum computing. It’s time for the US to take action to protect its citizens, its intellectual property, and its national security.

Source Fox News